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CES 2019: New World With 5G, Talkative Microwaves And Even Intelligent Toilet

CES 2019, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, once again has impressed the whole world with a myriad of jaw-dropping innovations. We can officially announce 2019 as “The Year of Future”. What used to be a part of a sci-fi novel, now is a reality. Our inexhaustible desires got transformed into a powerful fuel[…]

Artificial Intelligence

The Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

Looks like the sci-fi novels have become a reality. We no longer live in a human world but in a new world of humans and robots. What we have been doing manually for centuries, now can be done automatically by using machinery and software. Instead of crossing the ocean to purchase various goods, we do[…]

WebSummit 2018

Lisbon Opens WebSummit 2018 And Becomes A New Capital Of Startups

The WebSummit 2018 has started! Lisbon or more known as a “hub of startups”, again has gathered the exceptional people to talk about future, technologies, money and reboot the tech industry and the way business is conducted. This is a revolution of technologies and a new page in the entrepreneurial history. 70 000 of talented[…]

offshore software development

Offshore Software Development. Does It Make Sense?

Outsourcing was the bogeyman of the ’90s. Protectionists portrayed it as an evil that would take American jobs away. Yes, some jobs did go offshore as people feared, but it made the global economic pie grow bigger. Vivek Wadhwa The world is changing blazingly fast, the needs and requirements of people all over the globe[…]


Quick Guide On How To Create A Chatbot

The world has drastically changed, we do not notice how “artificial intelligence” is becoming a part of our daily life. Smartphones, navigation, voice recognition, these are just a few examples. The way we conduct business and communicate with customers has also changed. The era of “your call is important for us, please hold the line”[…]