Our latest projects

We have many successfully finished projects in which we were involved as the main developer, responsible for design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the system. We were as well involved in many projects as an outsourcing partner and helped our customers achieve their business goals on time and within the budget

Next-gen MMO Naval Simulation Game

Game is developed using cutting-edge technologies to meet highest requirements of modern AAA titles. Product had strong position among Steam top-100 most played games.


Business automation system, intended to reflect and optimize all processes for cleaning company. Client is represented by iOS and Android applications.

PDF Printing Service

We have developed PDF printing service in Java to generate PDFs for end users of the EdTech platform.

EdTech Platform

Our front-end development team was involved in the development of the Polymer-based EdTech platform for students

MMO shooter game “CrimeCraft”

Crimecraft is a 3rd Person Shooter created using the Unreal 3 Engine. Crimecraft is set in the near-future following a global economic disaster of unprecedented scale, you will unfold the mysteries behind the Bleedout event that brought civilization towards the brink of destruction.

Clean Me Now

Marketplace for insured house, windows and car cleaners. Native iOS and Android applications are developed by our team and available in stores.

ATC 360˚ Visual Tower Simulator

Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator is intended for training of controllers in simplified, normal and complex environment and simulates air and ground traffic in the terminal area.

Front office & housekeeping mobile APP

HotSOS is a cloud-based, service optimization enterprise solution empowering over 70% of global hotel brands in over 70 countries. HotSOS helped save hotels over $100 million in 2015 by reducing guest incidents, optimizing requests and scheduling preventative maintenance.

Application Packaging Self-Service

Application Packaging Self-Service (APS) is an innovative cloud solution that provides smart application packaging, testing, and documentation. It was invented to solute 2 challenges: providing infrastructure as a service, to those who can’t or don’t want to invest in an own application packaging infrastructure and software, and to increasing the efficiency of existing packaging teams.

PACE Suite

PACE Suite provides a complete set of features for successful packaging, repackaging, and deployment of your applications in different formats. With the ease of use and unique features, PACE Suite has become an effective replacement of bulky and expensive tools and studios, both for IT service providers and enterprise users.

High-resolution video codec

Lossless video codec intended for recording video within high-reliability aviation systems. Product is currently being exploited as a part of aviation controller training simulator.

Other projects

We have many more to show you. Check out our portfolio.


Innovative in technology

Game Development

We have extensive experience in AAA (triple A) game development using modern game engines including Unreal Engine, Unity3d, and many more. Our people were involved in various MMO projects with large number of users online and highest requirements to servers’ stability.

Web Development

TAVO Tech’s Web Development Service enables you to develop any kind of web application, from simple web site or CMS, to large-scale web portals with rich user interactive content.

Mobile Development

We understand how customer engagement in the mobile era can fuel business growth by offering goods and services at the best prices and providing a personalized, always-available, self-service environment to improve overall customer satisfaction, stickiness, and trust.

Training Simulators

By combining subject area requirements and business logic with cutting-edge game development practices and interaction technologies, we can build architecture and product that brings your training system to the new level of quality and realism, thus giving your business considerable advantage in the competition.


DevOps brings development and operations staff together to manage an end-to-end view of an application or IT service and resolve issues during development, rather than during business operation.

Business Automation

Throw away your pen and paper, we will help you optimize and automate your business-specific workflows. We have more than 10 years of expirience in business automation.

We have extensive experience in R&D for various areas and technologies, including cutting-edge devices, technologies, operating systems. Deep knowledge base and scientific background in conjunction with structured and clear development process allows us to develop large-scale and sophisticated systems with highest quality and reliability standards, starting from early prototypes stages and to the massive live production. See more...


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