We have strong expertise in software development – game, web, mobile

Game Development

We have extensive experience in game development using modern technologies including Unreal Engine, Unity3D, CryEngine and many other. Our people were in the head of development of a wide range of gaming projects, especially massively multiplayer online titles with high PCU (peak concurrent users) keeping servers’ stability as the critical priority. We have experience in games development for desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and consoles (Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch). Our company can help you with different types of games regardless these are small casual mobile games or large AAA projects.

TAVO Tech team includes programmers, 2D/3D artists, designers, and can be easily scaled with a wide network of external professionals. We can handle architecture and coding, as well as all related work of design, art, modeling and animating, audio etc. thereby covering complete cycle of game development.

C# | C++ | Unity3d | Unreal Engine | DirectX | PhysX | AI | Shaders | 3Ds Max | Maya


Web Development

TAVO Tech’s Web Development Service enables you to develop any kind of web application, from a simple website or CMS to large-scale web portals with rich user interactive content.

Our experts will ensure faster time-to-market using application development frameworks, rich UX/UI distinguishing your app among millions of others, and lower integration costs with mailing services or third-party platforms.

ASP.NET | SQL | JS | CSS | AngularJS | ReactJS | NodeJS


Mobile Development

Our Mobile Development team can help to make optimal design and develop an application of your business processes to a mobile platform – whether you need a Minimum Viable Product or complex mobile application with third-party integrations. We have extensive experience building both native and hybrid mobile application. We can save your budget by using modern technologies such as Xamarin to provide a cross-platform mobile application which will bring native UX with a single code base to your users.

Java | Android SDK | Objective-C | SWIFT | Xamarin | UWP


Training simulators

We have wide experience in development of training simulators as well as gamified learning platforms. By combining subject area requirements and business logic with cutting-edge game development practices and interaction technologies, we can build architecture and product that brings your training system to the new level of quality and realism, thus giving your business considerable advantage in the competition. Our team has experience in various motion, speech, facial, emotion recognition solutions and combining those into the single interactive training system.

C# | C++ | Unity3d | Unreal Engine | Motion Tracking | Speech Recognition | Face Recognition



In order to provide human-like customer support or to automate business processes you might consider using chatting bots. We have a lot of experience in developing different chatbots for various chatting platforms. Slack, Telegram or WhatsApp is the best place to interact with your customer but keeping customer cost as low as possible. Let us know which process you have in your organization and we will help you with the right technical decisions.

NodeJS | Slack | Telegram | JavaScript | AI | BotKit



Do you need to parse some data from the Internet? Then we can help you with that. We have developed many crawlers for different projects. We know how to hide crawler so the website will think that this is just a regular user. Parse any data you want, store it and use it whenever you need it. It is possible to run a crawler both from our infrastructure or yours. Due to our wide experience in web crawling technologies, we can help you with data protection against web crawlers.

C# | MySQL | MongoDB | Elastic Search | JSON | XML | Web



Our DevOps team can help you with day to day monitoring, a configuration of continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines and fix bugs before your customers see them. DevOps helps you stay agile in a frequently changing business environment, so you can stay on the edge of technology and facilitate your infrastructure to 100% while improving the quality of your code.

Jenkins | CI | CD | Deployment | Monitoring | TeamCity


Business automation

TAVO Tech’s business automation and CRM developers can design and develop the efficient workflow management tools, automate virtually every process regardless level of business complexity, the number of people depending on those processes, or where they are located. We are using highly efficient tools available on the market to gather and implement customer’s requirements.

CRM | SugarCRM | ERP | Automation