As a key people we were taking part in development of these projects

Go Docto

Study platform for doctors with the ability to pass exams. Web platform with a native mobile apps to facilitate doctors in their studies and help prepare and pass exams online.

Tech: PHP, MYSQL, Angular, ReactJS, SWIFT, Java

IvyHeealth Telemedecine

The company specializes in creating medical devices: temperature, pressure, weight, etc. Creation of APIs (including Open API and SDK for clients) and Admin area web app. Project was devided into several services: Core API for getting measurements. Separate measurements for kind (separate service).

Tech: PHP, MYSQL, Angular, ReactJS, SWIFT, Java


Admin area for doctors who can receive calls from customers and consult them online, see the patient’s card and the recommendations of the previous doctor, etc.

– Possibility of online video consultation with the doctor by indicating symptoms and additional details before the call.
– AI selection of workout exercises
– AI meal selection
– Measurements, statistics, graphs, etc.

Tech: PHP, MYSQL, Angular, ReactJS, SWIFT, Java

Muscle & Motion

A unique company that has taken over the market for sports and visualization of the human body (skeleton and muscles) and exercises for sports. They create their won videos. There were 5 products in total: strength, posture, yoga, kyphosis.

Web: admin panel with lots of options and upload a large number of videos for different sections.

Mobile: Human body visualization for medical facilities, gym and different areas. Playback a large number of videos for different sections.

Tech: PHP, MongoDB, NodeJS, AWS
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EdTech platform

Our front-end development team was involved in the development of the Polymer-based EdTech platform for online reading. The team of three people was directly working with the customer to establish a short feedback cycle and deliver the best possible quality. Day to day communication, weekly reports, and bi-weekly demos helped us provide the result on time and stay flexible in a fast-changing business environment.
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PDF Printing service

We have developed PDF printing service in Java to generate PDFs for end users of the EdTech platform. We have used microservice architecture to achieve flexibility in development and release cycles. Our solution provided stable and scalable way to generate reports without interfering with main use case scenarios. Custom made template engine gives user capability to customize PDF document in a many different ways
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PDF preview


Business automation system, intended to reflect and optimize all processes for cleaning company. Includes reliable back-end technologies to store and process business critical data, modern JavaScript front-end to give mangers overview and full control over their functionalities, as well as client-side iOS and Android applications.
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Video chat for telehealth platform

Our team has successfully developed Video\Text chat microservice for eHealth \ Telehealth platform. We have implemented Java-based backend and accomplished it with independent React component that can be easily integrated into any web-based UI. We have used OpenTok technology to accommodate video chat functionality and real-time web socket connection to transfer text messages.
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MMO shooter game “Crime Craft”

Crime Craft is MMO 3rd person shooter developed using Unreal Engine 3. Crime Craft is set in the near-future following a global economic disaster of unprecedented scale. Game uses full stack of modern MMO technologies, unleashes power of Unreal Engine to achieve beautiful graphics and realistic gameplay.
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CrimeCraft preview

ATC 360˚ Visual Tower Simulator

Air Traffic Control Tower Simulator is intended for training of controllers in a simplified, normal and complex environment and simulates air and ground traffic in the terminal area. The technology used allows assessment of airport optimal load conditions (RWY, stands, and taxiways) to increase airport capacity. Training can be performed in simplified and complex climatic conditions in day or night time, in winter or summer time.
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Hotel’s front office mobile app

HotSOS is a cloud-based, service optimization enterprise solution empowering over 70% of global hotel brands in over 70 countries. HotSOS helped save hotels over $100 million in 2015 by reducing guest incidents, optimizing requests and scheduling preventative maintenance. Automated dispatch of operational and guest requests to reduce wait times and increase efficiencies. Alert staff in real-time of any guest incidents or service delays.
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Investment banking solutions

Client-server system with Windows-based application to monitor stock market historical data and provide analysis to make right investment decisions. It is designed to provide easy high-speed access to global financial marketplaces streaming data tick-by-tick and handling the demands of high-frequency traders for excellent performance. Provides exchange connectivity solutions with low-latency market data from stock exchanges and professional data feeds from the leading information agencies.
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Application Packaging Self-Service

Application Packaging Self-Service (APS) is an innovative cloud solution that provides smart application packaging, testing, and documentation.
It was invented to solute 2 challenges: providing infrastructure as a service, for those who can’t or don’t want to invest in their own application packaging infrastructure and software, and to increase the efficiency of existing packaging teams. Package from anywhere you are.
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High-resolution video codec

Lossless video codec intended for recording video within high-reliability aviation systems. It contains a number of new features that allow to compress video more efficiently than older standards and to provide more flexibility for application to a wide variety of network environment.
Product is currently being exploited as a part of aviation controller and 360˚ visual tower training simulator.
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E-commerce system

Full cycle development of the e-commerce system for handmade jewelry studio MintChocolate including integration and support. The system lets the customer order and pay for goods, while sales managers can keep track of any activity on a site. Easy to use A\B testing functionality combined with proper recommendation system helps increase revenue and user satisfaction. Integration with all popular payment systems based on a user location.
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PACE Suite

Cumbersome, the labyrinthine software can drive anyone mad. With PACE Suite, you can set your mind at rest, since it is an easy-to-use tool that allows performing application packaging tasks without deep knowledge in underlying technology. Intuitive UI and handy features – everything you need to easily repackage or create a working and ready for deployment MSI or virtual package within the shortest time. All components of PACE Suite come as portable apps, allowing you to use them on any machine.
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Other project examples

Android casual games, Slack bots, online multiplayer games, Universal Windows Applications, Windows and Linux system utilities and browser extensions.

Various R&D and scientific projects, including 3D engines, new programming languages, simulation systems, games etc.

Our experience includes lots of other projects, yet not released or covered by NDA. Please contact us for more information.