Everything You Need To Know About Running Your Remote Team In 2018

remote team“Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents.” — Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell


The world of work is not the same as it used to be 20, 10 and even 5 years ago. Now people do not stick with one job for a lifetime and definitely don’t dream about working in an office cubicle until retirement.

We are in a new era of flexibility and virtual communication. Now people can work from any spot on the globe. The so-called virtual teams are expanding, becoming the norm rather than the exception.

4 Reasons Why You Should Cultivate Remote Team

Talents From Around The World.  One of the main advantages of having a remote team is that you have no limits and no boundaries. If your country lacks the talents needed in your niche,  now you have access to a much larger ocean of talents. Nowadays, you can hire the most skilled and experienced specialists to work with you, and they could be 5000 kilometers away but the feeling will be as if they are right next to you.

Inexpensive Labor Costs. There are talented minds all over the world; however, the hourly rate varies from country to country. North America and Western Europe are usually the most pricey. However, take for instance countries in South-East Asia or Eastern Europe, South America, the difference is significant.  Due to the lower cost of living in such countries, the cost of labor can be two or three times less in hourly rates, but the quality of the work will be the same or even better.

No Endless Expenses On Infrastructure. Infrastructure always leaves a huge hole in your wallet. If you manage the in-house team, investment into infrastructure is unavoidable. To support the team, you will have to invest in office furniture and equipment. None of that is needed for a remote team, you won’t break your budget, and you could use that extra money to invest into further developing your team.

Higher Productivity. You may fear that remote employees are less productive because they are not in the office. However, this is just a myth. In fact, the remote workers are outperforming the office workers. They save on commute time, get less distracted than being in the office talking with colleges, and they’re overall happier with their work environment. Many remote teams use time tracking applications and daily video calls in order to get the job done and not to procrastinate.

How To Select Employees For Your Remote Team

Initiative & Creativity. Obviously, not every person is suitable for remote work. Do not waste your time and efforts on robots that are programmed just to follow straight directions. They won’t help you to create something unique. Instead, consider applicants that stand out with their creativity and new ideas. Choose those that don’t wait for some hints and instructions for every single step, but get to work immediately.

Time Management. Many people have self-management problems. If they don’t have a manager looking over their shoulder they would go to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and whatever is there to distract them. Search for people that value time, and are able to plan & schedule their day. For instance, you can do it by reviewing how long it took them to perform tasks during the interview process.

Sincerity & Trust. A rat in the team is business without future. If you don’t trust your employees, then you will be constantly micromanaging them, instead of working on “big picture” projects. In order not to commit a mistake, carefully interview each and every potential team member before inviting them to join the team.

6 Steps To Seamless Management of Your Remote Team

Step 1. Choose the right project management system, which will help you set the goals, improve the coordination of the team and measure its performance weekly, quarterly and monthly. There are dozens of excellent project management tools, you could start by taking a look at Trello, Bitrix24, Asana, Mavenlink or JIRA.

Step 2. Break down your projects into tasks with specific OKRs. As soon as you have chosen the project management tool that fits your needs, just load all the projects, tasks and start assigning them to each team member. You will soon realize, that management of a remote team is not as hard as you expected. You can keep tracking the progress of your project effortlessly and without fuss by defining metrics.

Step 3. Take care of the communication inside your team. Have daily or weekly calls, and keep contact with the team via chat. You can easily have group video calls via Skype or Zoom. However, one of the most popular tools remote teams use for business talks and chit-chat is Slack. We can recommend you a combo of Slack and Asana, because they are well-integrated, so you will be always notified about any changes to tasks.

Step 4. A time-tracking application such as HubStuff or TimeDoctor is a must. Why? It will prevent all the possible misunderstandings, as far as the employee will see the accurate record of his billable hours and will receive an automatically generated invoice. In addition, such a tool increases the discipline and organization of the team, because due to the automatic screenshots and mouse & keyboard tracking you will be always aware of what your employee is working on.

Step 5. Create internal documentation of your processes for every part of your business. Manuals, diagrams, and internal “how to” videos will simplify the process of learning, save time and help the employee work more efficiently following all your requirements. If you hesitate about what software to use, try Loom for making videos, Drawy or Lucidchart for creating professional flowcharts, diagrams, process maps etc.

Step 6. Maintain all your data protected and have an absolute control of access. Keep all the documentation secure with the help of G Suit, by creating custom company emails for each employee and having backup of every document they create or receive. Also, we can advise you LastPass, which allows convenient access control of all your company’s passwords. In case somebody decides to quit, you can remove their access in a few seconds without updating the password itself, so it doesn’t affect the work of the rest of your team who might be using the same tools.

If Development, Then With Tavo Tech Team

We are a highly experienced team of developers that never stops learning and improving.  We know our strong and weak sides, and we keep working on the improvement of our service. We try to catch new ideas, new modern approaches and provide our clients from all over the world with the best solutions.

There are no limits for us

Benefits of working with Tavo Tech:

  • Client satisfaction is our #1 priority. We do our best to meet the requirements of our client and build a trust.
  • We use modern technologies. Every single day we try to test the new tools and software in order to provide the quality work and always be ahead of our competitors.
  • There is no impossible task to complete for Tavo Tech. We know what we are doing. Whether you need a mobile application, web-crawlers or game application, we are always ready to help.
  • We strictly follow the client’s instructions, trying to create a one-of-a-kind product with its exquisite features.
  • We respect your time and always provide the work in a timely fashion. No delays are accepted.

These are only a few main advantages of cooperation with Tavo Tech. There are many more opportunities you can experience by choosing us.

Tavo Tech – Your Effective Remote Team.

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